Our General Class Policies


At Vernon Lee Amateur Gymnastics Academy (VLAGA), we proudly welcome all participants regardless of race, creed, religious belief, sexual orientation, or nationality. Gymnasts, parents, and coaches are held to the same standards and mutual respect. These rules and policies are in place to facilitate a safe and healthy gymnastics environment:

A. Safety Rules

  1. No one is allowed on the gym floor unless in a class, supervised by a member of the staff.

  2. Anyone not actively enrolled is never allowed on any of the equipment.

  3. Flash photography is never permitted; loud noises and disturbances are also prohibited.

  4. Every gymnast must bring a large bottle of water to class daily.

  5. Absolutely no conversations with coaches or students are permitted during class.

  6. Please discuss any issues or concerns with staff after class and/or by appointment.

  7. If your child is ill, please keep them at home and schedule a makeup. Do not send a child to class with any of the following symptoms: severe cough, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, etc.

  8. Dress Code

    1. Girls must wear a leotard to class. No tights, socks, or jewelry are permitted.

    2. Boys must wear athletic shorts and a tucked in T-shirt.

    3. Hair must be worn tightly above the shoulder blades and out of the face.

B. Financial Rules and Policies

  1. Our annual registration fee is $50 upon enrollment ($30 for additional family members).

  2. Registration Renewal is due annually each September 1st.

  3. Prorated member Registration fees can be applied for the new season at the time of renewal.

  4. Tuition is due on the first class of each session. If unpaid after the 10th day of the start of a term, a $10 late fee will be charged. After the 15th, your child will not be permitted to work out.

  5. There is a charge of $35 for all returned/bounced checks.

  6. Payment for all classes is available by cash, check, or through our website via the Jackrabbit Parent Portal. Parents who use the portal, may pay with direct online bank transfer or credit card. You can update your password, family contact and payment preferences via this portal.

  7. Families choosing to pay online authorize VLAGA to do so and hereby accept all charges to go through our verified and secured merchant provider, C & H Financial Inc.

C. Missed Classes/Makeup Policy

  1. Please call to let us know if you plan on missing a class prior to the missed workout.

  2. Makeups are available for missed classes, but are not guaranteed.

  3. You can schedule a makeup in a comparable class not filled to capacity.

  4. There are no refunds for missed classes.