meet the VLAGA Staff

Monique Wiesmuller-Kaneyasu

Monique has 20 years of coaching experience with VLAGA and was a successful Vernon Lee competitor herself. The daughter of two coaches/club owners, she was raised in the gym. Monique competed Level 10 and holds six national titles. Monique completed her B.A. Summa Cum Laude from UCLA in 2008 with majors in History and German, and achieved her M.A. in Modern European History at UCSD in 2011. Monique is Red Cross CPR/First Aid Certified and Regional and National Coaches Congress attendee. She serves as Program Director, Team Head Coach, and Board Secretary. Monique enjoys spending quality time with her husband and new baby boy, enjoying the outdoor adventures, travel,
scrapbooking and photography.

Cell: 626-319-2985

Jordan Mitchell


Jordan competed USAG Men's Gymnastics from age 5 to 18.  He started coaching in 2006 at Acrosports in Shreveport, LA, with JO Levels 2-8 and XCEL.  He graduated from Louisiana State University with a BFA in Digital Arts and Graphic Design, and  is the entrepreneur of his own online clothing store, where he sells T-shirts, Hoodies, Caps, and other apparel he's designed.  He enjoys producing and recording music in his spare time, and has aspirations of a future in the same field. Jordan works with all levels of Recreation, Adult Classes, and Our Competitive Team.

Tamar Maljian


Tamar was born in Wyoming and received two Level 8 State Championship titles for her home gym, WSGC. She moved to Los Angeles in 2014 and completed her B.S. from Occidental College in Eagle Rock in Biology. During her undergraduate career, she was able to study abroad at he University of Mebourne, Australia and intern in South Africa. She hope to continue her education next year in Veterinary Science is hopes of one day becoming an exotic animal veterinarian. Tamar is USAG Safety / First Aid Certified, National Congress Attendee and works with Recreational , Preteam, and Team courses, and is our Power Team Head Coach.

Suma Raju

Suma Raju was born in India. She started gymnastics at age 7, and has been competing, coaching and mentoring gymnasts now for over 17 years.  She is a recipient of the "Ekalavya Award" for her outstanding performance in sports, as well as the "Best Sportsperson Award - 2004" in Gymnastics, awarded by Karnataka Olympic Association in India.  Additionally, she won a silver medal in USAIGC's World Championships in 2013.  She has a multitude of certifications, such as the USAG Safety Certification, Child/Infant CPR Certification and First Aid Certification, as well as further education acquired by attending the USA Gymnastics National Congress.  On top of all this,
she is a mother of two boys, with a passion for cooking and fine dining.

Kanani Okamitsu


Kanani came to us with four years of prior coaching experience, but has been in love with gymnastics for over 17!  She started at age eight, and has both State and Regional Titles through USAG Level 7, competing all the way to age 25!  She's energetic, fun, and quote, "Honestly, gymnastics is my #1 passion, and I hope to continue with it for the rest of my life.  Side note: I smile all the time!"

She continues her education at Cal State LA in Nutrition Science, and is First Aid/CPR Certified.  In her spare time she either strikes up a chord on the Ukelele, or hits the dance floor.  Best part about her - her favorite color is Lime Green!

Dahlia castaneda


Dahlia has been with Vernon Lee for ten years, competing on our team through USAG Level 8 and USAIGC Gold Level.  While competing, she wracked up 4 World titles as well as the prestigious honors of 2012 Bronze MVP, 2013 Gymnast of the Year, 2016 Leadership Award Recipient, and 2017 Gold MVP.  While she's no longer competing in gymnastics, she hopes to inspire the next generation of team members at VLAGA. She works with both recreational and team and is USAG Safety/First Aid Certified.

KRYStal williams


Krystal grew up in Pasadena and competed in team gymnastics with her sister Kim as a child.  She was coached by non other than the great boss-lady, Luzia Wiesmuller.  A B.A. Recipient, Hair Stylist, and proud mother of three, she came back to the sport years later to not only attend Adult Classes, but also get her children and nieces and nephews involved and VLAGA.  While her two daughters train on the competitive team, and her son in Flips, Krystal is a proud member of not only our office staff, but also a Safety/First Aid Certified Coach for our Recreational and Kinder Academies.

OLivia Callaway

Olivia has been an active member in the VLAGA community for the last 7 years.  She actively competed on our team through XCEL and USAIGC Bronze.  Moving on from competitive gymnastics, she found a love in coaching recreational classes. She is an avid dog lover and is presently on her high school's dance team. She hopes to graduate college with a degree in business and to find a career in the beauty world. Uniquely, she is currently studying American Sign Language and hopes to become fluent. Olivia is USAG Safety/First Aid Certified and works with our Kinder and Recreational Academies as well as team/preteam.


Elyzabeth Camacho

IMG_0213 (2).JPG

Liz grew up in Arkansas, where she developed her love for gymnastics.  She moved to Pasadena in 2016 to start her BS at Caltech.  While keeping up her studies in Aerospace Engineering and interning at Northrop Grumman, she also likes to help kids soar high at VLAGA.  Liz is USAG Safety/First Aid Certified, National Coaches Congress Attendee.  She works with our Kinder and Recreational Academies as well as Summer and Winter Camps.

Kristopher Jones


Kristopher has been active in the Teen-Adult program at VLAGA since 2013 and is a Parkour/Tumbling master. He is USAG Safety/First Aid Certified and works with our Recreational and Kinder Academy Classes. A 2018 PHS Graduate, Kristopher is continuing his education at Pasadena City College and hopes to be able to transfer to Art Center College of Design.


Aimee Gibbs

Aimee is a member of our office staff, and an active parent volunteer here at VLAGA.  She's a homegrown Californian, who graduated from Pasadena High School, and has attended various programs at PCC and Citrus.  She's a mother of two, and is involved in multiple committees for her children's school - if someone needs a leader to make the lives of the children in Pasadena better, she's at the front of the line!  Her ideal day off is dawn to dusk Disneyland with her "itty bittys" and husband, and she's USAG Safety/First Aid Certified.  She'll welcome you every Saturday morning at the gym with the same brilliant smile you see to the right!

Martin Wiesmuller

Martin started out as a Junior Counselor for our Summer Camp Program and now works with our Kinder and Recreational level classes as well as Special Events such as Kids Nights, Summer and Winter Camps and Birthday Parties. He is a Marshall High School Senior and enjoys karate, soccer, and playing guitar. He is also an Eagle Scout and very active volunteer in the community. In his spare time, he enjoys working on cars. Martin is USAG Safety/First Aid Certified and a Regional Congress Attendee.



Josef Wiesmuller

Josef is a dedicated college student, attending PCC focusing on film and television production.  He hosts two Lancer Radio shows about Soccer and Wrestling and is a sports and film facts buff. He definitely tries to know all there is to know about the history of media and sport.  Josef works at VLAGA in the maintenance and janitorial department, cleaning up after all of our kids, and keeping it that way to see that the health of everyone at the gym is secure and ready to learn. He is also active in Kids Nights and with Summer Camp.  Josef is USAG Safety/First Aid Certified and tons of fun!

AlettA Hill- Coming Soon

Anika Ash - Coming Soon

Luzia WiesmullerAlett


Luzia founded Vernon Lee Gymnastics in August 1993 and serves as VLAGA Board President and Program Consulatant. She was born in Southern Germany and competed nationally for eight years before emigrating to the U.S. in 1981. Before starting VLAGA, she head and assistant coached for the YMCA and UCLA Gymnastics Teams. Luzia is an active member of USAG, is Red Cross CPR/First Aid Certified, and is a State, Regional, and National Coaches Congress attendee.