VLAGA Kinder Program
Recreational Classes for Ages 1.5 - 5 years


Pearl Level           45 Minutes           Boys & Girls           Ages 18 - 36 Months

Our mommy and me class. This class offers parent and child interaction with basic gymnastics concepts such as warm-ups, animal walks, rolling, jumping, swinging, and balancing. Children travel to all the gymnastics equipment with a parent and instructor to build basic skills in a fun way.  

Requirements:  None.

Emerald Level     1 Hr           Boys & Girls             Entry Level Ages 3 - 5 yrs

Our first class for young children ready to take a class on their own. Parents may not accompany their children on the gym floor.  Emerald offers an intro to beginning gymnastics. Children use all the equipment including trampolines, bars, beams, vault, and foam pit. Children improve strength, coordination, flexibility, and intro skills in an organized, fun environment.  They move work on perfecting the same skills in the Pearl program independently as well as work on backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels etc.

Requirements: Children must be 3+ years, potty-trained, verbal, and able to take class without parent participation.

Diamond Level         1.25 Hrs                Boys & Girls              Advanced Level Ages 4 - 5 yrs

Our most advanced Preschool-Kindergarten class. Diamond provides a transition between our Kinder and Recreational Programs as well as feeder into our Preteam program. Comparable to Orange Level, students work on advanced skills including pullovers, backhipcircles, roundoffs, kickovers, and kicks and jumps on beam and more.

Requirements:   Mastery of all the Pearl and Emerald Level Skills as well as Instructor Recommendation.