Recreational Classes for AGES 6+


White Level - 1 Hour - Boys & Girls: Ages 6 - 14 yrs

This is our most popular class designed for children who have little or no gymnastics experience. Children use all the equipment to learn the basics cartwheels, rolls, handstands, swings, casts, beam walks/jumps, and running and jumping on vault, trampoline, and foam pit.

Requirement: Age 6

Yellow Level - 1 Hour - Boys & Girls: Ages 6 - 14 yrs

This class builds on the White Level foundation and introduces more complex beginning level elements such as rolls on floor without an incline, T-In handstands and cartwheels, roundoffs from a block, pullovers, and kicks and turns on beam.

Requirements:  Age 6 and Completion of White Level and/or Teacher Recommendation.



Orange Level - 1.25 Hrs - Boys & Girls: Ages 6 - 14yrs

Yellow builds upon the foundation of lower level courses in challenging ways. Children work on sequences of skills as well as things like roundoffs off the beam, backbend kickovers, backhipcircles, and dive rolls. We recommend children take a 2 classes/week.

Requirements: Age 6 and Completion of Yellow Level and/or teacher recommendation.

Purple Level - 1.25 Hrs - Boys & Girls: Ages 6 - 14yrs

Purple is is designed as the bridge between the intermediate and advanced recreational levels. Participants work on handstand acrobatic skills on beam, walkovers, front flips, handstand flat backs on vault, and high bar elements. Werecommend children take a 2 or 3 classes/week.

Requirements: Age 6 and Completion of Orange Level and/or teacher recommendation.

Blue - Black Levels                                     1.5 Hrs                                    Boys & Girls                                    Ages 6 -  14 yrs

These levels are very advanced and designed for children with at least one year of gymnastics experience.  Generally it will take about 4 sessions in a particular color to move up. The sky is the limit in recreation at VLAGA.  By the Black Level, participants work twisting and double saltos, handstands on bars and flight elements on beam.  In order to advance from Blue on 2-3 days per week is highly encouraged.

Requirements:  Age 6 and Complete of Purple Level and/or teacher recommendation.